A Day in Parys

The 1st of July is a day for trying things for the 1st time!

Ask me to wake up early on a week day and I’ll never get up… but waking up on a weekend to go on an adventure and I’m up at 05h20, 40mins before my alarm.

Once we’ve introduced everyone to each other and all had some coffee at Dan’s – we ready to set out on our road trip to Parys in the Free State. The one and half hour drive there was a breeze when you chat the whole way. Especially when 3 out of the 4 ppl are ex/current KPMGers… LOL we r the best and so it was a given right from the start that we were gonna get along like a house on fire.

And boy did we get along…with all the banter, laughter and sheer good vibes you would think we knew each other forever.

First stop O’s Restaurant for some proper vaal brekkie to get us energised. Breakfast was good and hearty. The light drizzle that began as we entered Parys has stopped and 10mins later as we arrive at Earth Adventures the sun is fully out. Yes! Theres that South African winter weather we love.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – Activity No.1

Indemnity forms filled, the bakkie is packed and we’re off for our 1st activity – Clay Pigeon Shooting.

For those who have never done this – the clay is in fact not shaped in pigeons 😁 but are just round disks…booo… bit of a disappointment for kimmy who was expecting clay pigeons.

The 4 musketeers: Daniel, Me, Jaco & Kim

Having never shot a firearm before in my life, I was a little worried about the after shock many people have told me about with shot guns. This fear was amplified especially since I’ve been suffering with a neck and shoulder spasm for the past week and my two physio sessions may just be going to waste after this. But no lil muscle pain is gonna stop me from having fun and doing something I have been wanting to try for ages. I will have to bear the consequences after. 🙂

Our instructor shows us the in’s and out of handling the shot gun, the disks are lined up, the shot gun is loaded and Daniel takes the first round. Damn!! We are totally impressed with Dan’s shooting skills – he hits all of them.  Up next was Jaco and he did pretty well too – he only missed a few. WELL DONE BOYS!!

Daniel making it look easy

Jaco showing us ladies how its done

Kimmy taking a shoot

As for us girls… did we suck big time! Ha ha… to be fair it was our 1st time, I didnt carry my glasses so my eye sight wasn’t the best for aiming 😋 and that gun was heavy to hold up! All in all though it was a great experience and with a little more practice MAYBE we will eventually shoot one. 🙄LoL!

By the way, the push back from the shot gun into your shoulder was not bad – if held correctly and pulled in firmly you dont feel much of a jolt. But boy did that first shot (and i think more the unexpected shock) knock my cheeks! Check out the video Dan graciously took and titled “Vicky suffering from PE”… ha ha ha😁!

(Note: I am however paying the price right now – 9hrs later – as I write this blog, because my right shoulder is now buggered and I am in pain again 😦 My physiotherapist is not gonna be happy with me on Thursday.)
Quad Biking – Activity No.2

Now for the real fun… quad biking. I’m pretty sure the boys didnt expect me to be as in control and kick ass out there when I couldnt start the quad. It was not my fault… I did what I was suppose to do but it just wasnt starting…off course when the instructor came over and pushed the button it started…but by then I had juiced it up a good few times!!

I’m off first, behind the instructor and the boys are told to go at the end. Am I glad I was first ’cause I put my foot down whenever I had a chance with the instructor – whilst the others were far behind us. The boys will say it was because they were behind Kim, who was slow…But I dunno, was she??

We went over some rough high bumps and I managed to do some circles with the quad …whoop whoop… which I have to admit was pretty cool. I’ll never do that with my car so when our instructor told us to try, and thanks to Jaco’s tips, I was definitely gonna give it a go.

P.S. After ending up behind Kim at one stage … she was the slow one. Sorry boys.

Even though at the end of the quad biking you are baked in dirt… I really enjoyed it and I so wanna do that again but faster!

The team after a thrilling intro to quad biking

Adventure activities done…now for some cold beers and ciders, whilst we re-live some of the days excitement and decide our wine route stop.

Vaal Wine Route Festival – Activity No.3

Stonehaven on Vaal it is – simply because they had the most wines to taste and food pairings (which were not actual pairings but just platters to nibble on). Stonehaven is a pretty location right next to the vaal river, with many different sections to laze around, eat and drink.

Me and Kimmy getting in a selfie

The entrance to Stonehaven on Vaal

The wines according to Dan, Kim and Jaco were not that good but none the less, the company definitely made it enjoyable. We at one stage was probably the loudest table there with all the laughing and banter. 😂

12 wines tasted for R30 …from sparkling to combination wines.

Hands down great company makes for a fantastically fun day!

These guys are definitely travel and adventure buddy material – look out for our next adventure story, I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.  #LifeIsGood

Xoxo, Vikki