Hello World

Today marks my entry into the blogging world.  For years I have shared my pictures and stories of my wonderful adventures with family, friends and strangers along the way via Facebook and in person. Giving tips on things to do, places to see and exciting things to experience – all of which have been well received and often followed with “you should start a blog Viks” or “i love reading your posts, it makes me feel like I am right there with you” from my Facebook friends.

So I started with opening an Instagram account (Follow me: vikki.v) and loading few of my pics – as and when I remember to do so. And now I after numerous occasions of saying I must start blogging – I have finally set up my blog site 🙂 in time for my upcoming trip to Germany and Eastern Europe to see some of the good friends (across the globe) I made whilst at University of Glamorgan (now University of South Wales). Whoop Whoop #nomattertheweatheraslongasweretogether

A little bit about me –  I yearn to travel every chance I get (there is just not enough annual leave days in the year to quench my travel bug). I love to explore, try new things, meet new people, always looking for something new/unique to try and sharing these experiences with friends/family.  I can’t get enough of wildlife and wildlife photography – there’s just something special in having a moment with a magnificent animal and capturing that perfect shot – so again any chance to interact with an animal and you will find me there!  I am a lawyer by profession and currently work in the corporate governance space in South Africa – I love what I do and the company I work for. It provides me with the balanced life I want and an opportunity to feel like I am adding some value (even if in the smallest way) to the improvement and upliftment of our country.  And off course, my after work activities must involve dance – salsa, bachata and kizomba are my weekly activities with the vibrant Salsa Jozi community and fellow dancers within SA.  The feeling when you are on the dance floor, unaware of your surroundings, just feeling the music and energy being created through this artistic conversation you are having with your partner is unexplainable #MyHeartBeatsBachata #SalsaAddicst #SalsaSpirit #HNS #RooftopSalsa.

In short, I can safely say that I live life to the fullest 🙂 and I LOVE my life!

I hope my posts to come will reflect my zest for life and the wonderful people I have in it,  will help you in your travel and/or adventure plans, will make you smile, laugh and most of all inspire you to go out explore and live life to the fullest.

Hello World! Welcome to my life and seeing the world through my eyes 🙂

Lets start an adventure….

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